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    Here is my author page on Amazon.com. A basic, no frills page, with my picture, bio, and link to my book. There’s also a section for discussions, and I’m currently setting up a feed from my blog to show posts on the Amazon site. I’ll let you know if I run into any problems.

    Right now I am steadily selling 2-3 copies a month of What You Need to Know to Be a Pro. Laura’s book, Traveling Blind, continues to sell very well after two years in print and is ranked at 232,058, up from the 700,000’s this summer. I have no idea what that number means exactly (no one really does), but the smaller the number the better the sales. In small press circles, Laura’s memoir is a best seller with almost 1000 copies sold (4 copies sold in the UK).

    I hope to increase Amazon sales of What You Need to Know to Be a Pro to at least 10 copies per month within 6 months. I know, not a lot of copies per month, but the book is for a specific niche audience (people wanting to start their own press), so I don’t expect hundreds of copies sold each month. If this was a work of fiction, I would double my efforts to get those numbers up to 50 copies per month and slowly increase from there. Fiction has a potential audience of hundreds of thousands of people, but that also means the competition for those readers is intense.

    Please stop by my amazon author page and tell me what you think.


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