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    There’s nothing like fresh blood to get the creative juices flowing again. It feels like Medusa’s Muse is off life support, because my dear friend Ibis said, “Yes.” Yes, she would love to help me run Medusa’s Muse and market our books. Yes, because working for a micro-press sounds “interesting” and she’d like the creative challenge. Yes, because she’s willing to work for no pay but lots of perks, like free business cards and twice a year dinners paid by the Muse.

    Last weekend I took my publishing team out to dinner at a new Mexican/Yucatan restaurant. We all had something to celebrate: one birthday, a new book in the works, a new member of the team, and one dearly departed who we honored with a toast. The four of us chatted over a delicious meal and several glasses of wine. ┬áJane, my diligent copy-editor, explained to Ibis about interacting with customers on line. Ibis, my new marketing assistant, nodded and asked questions while taking mental notes. I hope we didn’t overwhelm her. Rick, my design director, tossed in a few ideas and mentioned how identifying the right book for the right group of people was key. I mostly sat and listened to the excitement at the table, throwing in my own ideas and thoughts, arguing with Jane over the term “framing the message,” reassuring Ibis that I would help her and teach what needed to be done, and smiling at Rick, who really made the whole thing possible. Medusa may have been my dream and I may be the drive that holds the press together, but without his technical expertise, not a single book would have made it into the world.

    Medusa’s Muse feels like a brand new company, thanks to fresh blood and fresh energy. Thank you Ibis, for giving us your time and ideas. I think you’re going to love book publishing.

    The New and Updated Awesome Staff of Medusa’s Muse, 2012
    Terena Scott, Publisher/ Editor/Marketing Director
    Jane Mackay, Co-Editor/Copy Editor
    Rick Wismar, Book Designer and I.T Support
    Ibis Klimicek de Villa, Marketing Assistant


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    1. January 18, 2012 at 4:43 pm

      AWESOME. Congrats to all!

    2. January 19, 2012 at 5:13 am

      I’m yours, Bosswoman. Point the way!

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