• A website disaster during book launch

    by  • November 20, 2014 • internet, muse, publishing, technology

    Several weeks ago I got a notice from Avahost, the company that hosts this website. Their server had failed so my website had been moved to a different server. That meant the DNS number had changed, so we needed to make sure everything was “pointing to the new server”. Huh?

    I am a word muse, not a technology muse, so I forwarded the message to my 2 internet gurus. At first we wondered if it was a scam. Then the in-house tech said the DNS was fine. After that he went on vacation.

    That’s when I got a message from the Medusa’s Muse copyeditor asking me why the website was down.


    Thus, an epic struggle began with me trying frantically to learn lingo I know nothing about. Like I said, I’m a word muse, and there is only so much my magic can control. The web designer and the tech person worked hard to figure out what had happened to the website. Where did it go? Since the tech person was supposed to be on vacation, I called a couple of friends who are knowledgable about the internet and servers. One discovered that the domain name, medusasmuse.com had expired. WTF? Impossible. It was paid until 2020 and should be auto renewed. The mystery of the disappearing website grew more convoluted by the second.

    I wondered if I should quit publishing. A muse who allowed her website to disappear during a major book launch was unfit to be in business. Was it a sign that I should stick with words and let other people do the book production?

    Nope. I would figure it out! I wouldn’t let one disappearing website ruin my press.

    Eventually I was able to get a hold of someone at Avahost who fixed the problem in one day. Poof! Website appear!

    Avahost is a great, affordable company, but their customer service is limited. Everything is done by email and it can take a little time to hear back from a person. If you know nothing about the internet (me) then you need to rely on people who do, or find another hosting site that will help you. And hopefully your website won’t vanish while your techie is on vacation.

    I don’t know how much having the website vanish during book launch hurt my business. It’s like having your warehouse burn down on “Black Friday.” Only my warehouse is made of 1’s and 0’s and the storefront is created via WordPress.

    Spread the word. Medusa’s Muse is back in business.