• Punk Rock Saved My Ass

    Punk Rock Saved My Life book coverPunk Rock Saved My Ass
    edited by Terena Scott and Jane Mackay
    148 pages
    Published: April 20, 2010
    ISBN-10: 0979715261
    ISBN-13: 978-0979715266

    Here are the true stories from people whose lives were transformed and empowered by the frenetic, questioning, creative energy of punk rock; stories and poems written by people from the USA and Europe, sharing their unique vision on what it means to be punk. Written by musicians, teachers, artists, librarians, nurses, bakers, parents, and social workers, the stories are funny, sometimes tragic, and always surprising.

    Punk Rock Saved My Ass explores the strength of the punk movement to positively impact an individual’s life by providing a community to those who feel lost, by rousing a person to do it herself, and by inspiring all to push the boundaries of their own creativity.

    You may never listen to a punk rock song again the same way.

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    Hear Editor Terena Scott reading the first chapter of Punk Rock Saved My Ass on Flying Money Radio with Host David Baker (aired 2012).



    Terena Scott fell in love with punk music in the late 1980’s after hearing The Dead Kennedy’s for the first time, but refers to herself as a “hippi punk.” Since then, she married a “real punk” and now devotes herself to DIY, writing, and teaching. She lives in Northern California.

    Jane Mackay discovered punk music on the streets of Boston. MA. A talented journalist and editor, Jane was inspired by the people who embody the spirit of punk through their action and words. She now lives in Northern California and is an independent copy-editor.


    Jennifer Blowdryer and Terena at Dog Eared Books in San Fran for PRSMA launch

    Rick being kissed by PRSMA author James Stewart at Anarchist Book Fair

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